Jung und Wach - Young and Alert

International Camp in Memory of Sophie Scholl
2013 in Forchtenberg



The names Sophie and Hans Scholl are closely connected with a movement called ‘Weiße Rose’, which produced pamphlets directed against the Hitler regime. The two brave people, aged 21 and 24, distributed leaflets at the University of Munich but were unfortunately discovered and arrested by the Gestapo. Only a few days later they were executed.

During our international youth camp in Forchtenberg, the small but beautiful town where Sophie Scholl was born, we will recall the 70th anniversary of her death and we want to ask young people of today whether they feel attentive and alert, whether they know what is going on in society and the world. To do this on an international level, we invite 7 young people of 12 countries to be part of this project. We offer an interesting program, for example a trip to Munich, different workshops of music and theatre, camp fire and creative offers to speak to politicians or economists. We want our participants to think and discuss about different themes concerning politics, society, religion, economy, collective & individual responsibility in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Even events in the past like the resistance of Hans and Sophie Scholl remind us of being aware of political and social developments. In the end of the camp, we are going to celebrate a youth festival in the ruins of the castle of Forchtenberg. The international camp starts on the 25th of July and finishes on the 4th of August 2013.